Washable Masks Adut and Childrens

Red Deer

2 pack adult or 5 pack children Masks wash up to 30 times
Check out these great reusable personal protection face masks to feel safe working, Going to school, doing crafts or getting your errands done like grocery shopping etc. They come in a sealed 2 pack or 5 packs for Children's.
One white and one blue or two black for adult. Children’s are random variety prints.
Made with a soft light weight antibacterial threaded cotton fabric, that does not irritate skin and prevents inhalation of bacteria, smoke, dust etc. Stops up to 99% of antimicrobial activity.
Provides maximum protection for users and can be washed up to 30 times with no degradation making them Great Value.
Intended for personal use, giving you and the people around you a higher level of protection in public and at home with a comfortable light weight fit you can feel safe, breathe easy and confident in.
2 packs of Adult ( 2 Black or one white one blue) are $5 each tax included. ( $100 tax included for 40 masks)
5 packs of Children’s are $8 each tax included. ( fit good up to aprox 10 year olds) ( $84 tax included for 50 masks)
Shipping available
Located in Red Deer